Dewaal, the brain behind Operation Bike Hive and the driving force (with his bakkie) that got the tribe together. He had a vision, and two of his closest friends shared this vision and decided to come along for the ride. The dream? To get more people spending time outside and experiencing nature and adventure! He is the go-getter that keeps the chains running smoothly. 



Lauren, we call her the pace queen. Try and keep up! She is a natural when it comes to making the pretty marketing stuff happen. Her energy for life is a fresh boost and a head start in any situation. Already an avid sportswomen with hobbies like gym, running and hiking (not to mention delicious cooking skills) she can hardly contain her excitement to add cycling to her list. 



Waylon. Not all hero's wear capes. Although you might find this one in a cape every now and then because he is a sucker for a dress-up and never takes life too seriously. His outlook on life is his best asset and no obstacle is ever too big. With a background in finance, numbers just make sense to the guy. The one thing he can't seem to find time for is sitting still for more than 5 minutes. His team spirit is infectious and he gets shit done.