Avianto 5KM

Here's what went down

Cost - R40

Trail distance - 5KM

Taking the wrong turn, adding 3.7km to the ride, and listening to a lovers quarrel - Priceless

Avianto is a beautiful setting. We started out with a quick check-in, and this was at around 5:30 pm, so you can do a quick cycle after work. The first 3.7 km was a bit of a confusing situation because we took a wrong turn and at some point ended up at a dead-end. Who's fault was it? No one knows for sure. Anyway.

On the right track now thanks to Devin, who is rarely wrong, we started with a slight hill for about two kilometers. Cycling through the beautiful scenery you can't help but admire what our beautiful province has to offer. "We are so lucky," I say to myself, huffing and puffing up the hill.

Then the fun starts. You start going downhill. Speeding through the forest, alongside the river through tunnels and over bridges, this route is really well maintained and not technical at all. It was super fun.

The Helmet

We tested out some really awesome helmets from Livall. These bad boys have all sorts of cool tech stuff. Bluetooth, tracking, SOS functionality and indicators to mention only a few, and the best thing ever... WALKIE TALKIES!! So you can chat with your buddies, on the go.

At around 4km into the cycle, I pushed a button and it paired with my phone's music app. So now, not knowing how to turn it off or #even which buttons to push, Demi Lee Moore started playing on the helmet speakers and, well, I just had to lean into it and finish strong with my country playlist.

Fun ride and no #ouchies

Until next time!

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